PHYSICAL THERAPY & Chiropractic Care

Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care at Inspyre Physical Medicine & Wellness aren't just about recovery; they are about empowering you with the tools and techniques to achieve optimal mobility, strength, and function. These services are tailored to meet the individual needs of our patients, using a combination of techniques proven to aid recovery and enhance physical function.

Our Chiropractic Services Include

Spinal Adjustments

Correct misalignments in the spine, alleviate pain, and improve body function.

Soft Tissue and Joint Manipulation

Enhance joint mobility and tissue function while decreasing pain and inflammation.

Dry Needling

Target muscular trigger points to relieve pain and improve muscular function.

KT Taping

Support and stabilize muscles and joints without restricting motion, facilitating the body’s natural healing process.

TENS Muscle Stimulator

Utilize electrical signals to help reduce pain, stimulate muscles and increase strength as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation strategy.

Rehab Exercises

Custom exercises designed to strengthen and stabilize musculoskeletal health, tailored to each patient's specific needs.

Physical Therapy

Tailored for Your Unique Journey to Recovery

Customized Exercise Programs

Each patient receives a personalized exercise regimen designed to not only address their current limitations but also to prevent future injuries.

Manual Therapy

Our skilled therapists use hands-on techniques to manipulate muscles and joints, enhancing mobility and easing pain.

Education on Body Mechanics

We teach you how to move correctly to prevent injuries, enhance performance, and maintain your health long-term.

Advanced Modalities

Incorporate cutting-edge treatments like dry needling, KTTaping, and electrical stimulation to speed recovery and boost effectiveness.

What Sets Our Physical Therapy Apart?

One-on-One Attention

Every session at Inspyre is a private, one-on-one encounter, ensuring that you receive the therapist's undivided attention and expertise tailored exactly to your needs.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Recognizing that each body is different, every treatment plan is crafted to meet the individual demands and goals of our patients-whether you're recovering from surgery, an athlete looking to enhance performance, or managing chronic pain.

Who Can Benefit?

Surgical Recovery

Accelerate your recovery and regain function faster after surgery with targeted therapies.


Enhance your performance and prevent injuries with specialized programs that focus on your specific sport's demands.

Chronic Pain Sufferers

Alleviate long-term pain with strategies designed to tackle the root cause, not just the symptoms.

Anyone Seeking to Improve Mobility and Health

No matter your age or fitness level, if you're looking to improve your physical health, our physical therapy services can help.

Ready to Start Your Recovery Journey?

At Inspyre Physical Medicine & Wellness, we're committed to not just restoring your health, but enhancing it. With our expert care, innovative techniques, and personal commitment to your wellness, we're ready to guide you every step of the way. Join us and experience the difference personalized physical therapy can make.